4DForce developed a platform, which is able to acquire and process high quality EEG/EOG/EMG signals. Using EEG (electroencephalogram) biofeedback to highlight the power of thought and relaxation techniques like deep breathing, visualization and meditation to alter brain waves and achieve alpha state, 4DForce helps you to calm the physiological arousal, explain the meaning of the readings and incorporate the information into lifestyle changes.
Many benefits from biofeedback simply come from increased relaxation in one’s body and the lack of chronically triggered fight or flight response. Because chronic stress can be a trigger for many negative health symptoms, 4DForce can offer a significant and measurable improvement in the way people feel and how their bodies function. By showing (in real time) how relaxation techniques are working a person is able to more easily grasp effective ways to relax the body’s physiology and incorporate healthier habits into a daily lifestyle.
The 4DForce technology, known as biofeedback, has already established itself in the medical world in treatments of ADHS, depression, epilepsy, migraines and other neurological disorders.