4DForce specializes in BCI technology and pioneers this medically proven technology into the interactive games industry, bringing a new form of physiology-driven entertainment to a wide variety of audiences. 4DForce creates an ultimate gaming experience dramatically changing the way players interact with a game. 4DForce provides benefits to your brain/body – the more you play, the greater the benefit!

The company includes an exceptional group of interdisciplinary high-tech specialists, combining their expertise in the fields of machine learning/signal processing, electronics, mechanics and computer science. The 4DForce team masters all stages of work, from sensor development, product design through to the production of mid size series of electronic products. 4DForce co-operates closely with well-known technical colleges, universities and research institutes to supplement this complex specialist knowledge, and is thus permanently involved in scientific breakthroughs. The company benefits from its close proximity and close cooperation with the Technical University Berlin and the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience.

4DForce is headquartered in Meiningen and belongs to the Wearable Technologies Group.